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I am a Pregnant Amateur here at PregnantUSA.Com I want to invite you to see ALL of me and a 180’+ other PREGNANT AMATEURS on this site. I hope you like what you see...
More fun video in one of our 5 minute clips than most XXX full length pornos. Tired of the hard-core? This site is a viable alternative. You get to see these beautiful PREGNANT women of all shapes, sizes & colors show what their bodies look like as their bodies & bellies go from fit & firm to ready to “POP”...

Several two girl sessions. Even 2 sisters (1 PG!).

Pregnant Gals & Milk

Pregnant Amateurs one after another. This site has 100% exclusive content that you simply will not find at other Amateur Pregnant sites. We mix it up with pregnant women most 6 months pregnant or more. We have even had one pregnant with twins. Wow, what a belly!

The Place to Be

When you are looking for pregnant amateurs, this is the place to be. We provide fresh content presented in imaginative ways, both in video & still photos.


In the fetish world of Pregnant Amateurs expect to see bellies of all shapes & sizes. Basketball bellies, big round bellies & many other variations. You know these are everyday women as you can clearly see by way of stretch marks, happy trails & other telltale signs typical for pregnant women.

Breast & Nipple Changes

Always interesting to see the tits as they grow along with the belly. Often towards term, the boobs rest on top of the belly. We have seen A cups grow to C or D cups. And often we see milk in the early stages. We invite these moms-to-be to come back for a lactation session if at all possible.

We Have a Milky Messy Sticky Dept!

As far as lactation goes, we play by squeezing the breasts, manual breast pumps & sometimes electric pumps to see how much milk they can pump out. We have to MILK-PROOF our studios...

Squirting Fun

It’s always fun when we try to see how far our Amateurs can squirt their milk. We have even had milk wars with 2 lactating Amateurs battling it out. See Honey & Brown Shuga. Our video also captures slow motion footage of various scenes which is really fun for the messy milky sticky stuff.

Nervous Energy

From the moment one of our Amateurs walk in the door we capture the nervous energy of first time posers. Our Amateurs could be the girl next door, your waitress at a local restaurant or almost anyone else.

The Amateur Session

The first few photos are usually fully clothed the way they walked in the door. Then we slowly strip them down to panties & bra... Then those also are removed.

We use various props like bathing suits, fishnet body-stockings, thigh highs, bikinis & fabric wraps to highlight the beauty of the female form when pregnant.

Pregnant women truly do have a glow about them. We explore the beauty of pregnancy in all its variations.

Normal Every Day People

Many of these women are respectable moms, wives, girlfriends, fiances, lovers & members of the community. So in a few sessions we have used disguises, wigs & props to make them less recognizable to family & friends who might not “APPROVE”... Intersting when they simply pose one time & JUST for us. Recently we had Tinkerbell pose at 40 weeks. For her second session just a few days later, the first 2 hours were with her older sister Eve. What a treat! And yes there definitely is a family resemblance to be seem.


Our amateurs come from the far reaches of the globe. We have had women from Mongolia, India, Japan, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Guatamala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, France, Ireland, the Phillipines, Hawaii, Canada, Kenya & many more locations.

Heights have ranged from 4’9” to 6’2”. Weight from 85 pounds to about 280! No matter what the size we get them all to smile!

Our Videos Show...

Our videos show bellies, nipples & boobs in motion in every possible way you could imagine. You might see tits hanging, swinging, jiggling, bouncing, shaking along with jumping jacks, nipple pulling, nipple flicking, colliding boobs are just some examples.

Positions for Video & Stills

If you enjoy seeing bodies, bellies & pussies from unusual angles this site is for you. One of our favorite views is the breasts photographed or video-taped shot between her legs when in a doggystyled position.

We name some our poses. Perhaps you can figure out what the Band-Aid nipple pose is... Or the Bermuda Triangle pose... Or the Donut pose. Or the CFMN pose...

Our models for the most part come from in & around Las Vegas NV, USA. If you think you might want to apply for a session, drop us a note through the contact us link within this site.


This is not a XXX hard-core site. There’s no B/G action here although we are not adverse to having some of the models play with their toys.

Not the “Same Old Same Old”

Variety in boobs, tits & nipples. When you get tired of the same old same old photos & videos, you found a place to call home.

You will never look at a bulging belly again the same way. Watch as boobs, nipples, tits (or whatever you want to call them) fill with milk. You will (like many of our members) have a better appreciation for the variety that surrounds us. We have changed the way many men (and women) think about their pregnant counterparts or themselves.

A Normal Belly?

After viewing hundreds of our Amateurs, the only thing you can conclude is that there’s far more variety out there than we were lead to believe. Movies, pornos, magazines & our day to day contact with women will never be the same again! Praise us or curse us, but either way you don’t want to miss seeing the strange, unsual and totally bizarre pics & videos that other sites choose to totally ignore. Satisfy your curiosity... Watch as our pregnant amateurs strip for you.

Typical Women (Just Pregnant)

If you have been obsessing about whether your belly, breasts or nipples are “TYPICAL”... Rest easy! We have seen bellies of every shape & description depending on how far along they were. Perfectly round, the small basketball belly, or the moster belly with TWINS...

Natural Women

Our women are photographed in a Nude & Glamor style, which is very sexy! We are not a MEGA-SITE. Our site does NOT BUNDLE 20 to 30 models as a “Deal”. Who wants to see 1000’s of pictures of the SAME MODEL? BORING.... Yawn!!!!! Variety is our recipe, & our PREGNANT AMATEURS really enjoy their sessions... Laughing & having a really good time.

100% Exclusive

Means that Photos & Videos have not been re-sold to other sites. 100% original content. It’s annoying to see the same Amateur at another site & perhaps a 1,000 X more.

We do Slow Motion Video

Many of our more normal sequences like “Bouncing Boobs” “Jumping Jacks” “Nipple Flicking” “Boob Wiggling” “Swinging Boobs” & even “Pussy Flexing”... are shown in slow motion.

Body Changes While Pregnant

Changes to the female body as pregnancy progresses are quite evident especially in the breast, nipples & pussy area. We capture all of that in pictures & video whenever possible. If you are a fan of boobs & nipples, nowhere are changes more clearly seen than during pregnancy. Some of our Amateurs have sported the largest areolas of we have ever seen. Quite impressive when we photograph them next to a DVD as a size comparison.

Multiple Sessions

We have had the pleasure of having several of our Amateurs go through our sessions multiple times. Tanaya as an example with both a boy & a girl. If the gal comes to us at 6 months, we can often do a 6 months session, a 8-9 month session & with any luck a lactation sesion after giving birth.

Pregnant Amateurs In-Depth

Our other site JustNips.com explores the area of nipples & breasts. Any pregnant sessions at that site are a carryover from this site not being 100% complete. Any pregnant amateurs at that site will slowly be phased out. New additions to PregnantUSA.com will then be seen ONLY at this site. When you consider how little time pornos spend looking at the beauty of the woman, gives you a true appreciation for what we do here.

That Special Curve

If you enjoy that special curve that accompanies our pregnant beauties, you will be pleased with what we dowith these women 18-40.

More Explicit for Members

We know you may want to see more explicit pics & videos, but we simply do not show them on the tour... Our sample video on this page shows about 25 pregnant Amateurs, including some lactation, our Amateur pregnant with Twins & even our 3 girls pregnant session.