300 PLUS Sessions. HD Videos (Most run 30 minutes).
PregnantUSA.com Amateurs are very very “REAL”

When you realize that pornos are as
fake as wrestling you may want to
take a look at a site that has 100% “REAL” amateurs. We get at least
90% of our women to pose fully nude with very few restrictions. You may
feel a certain degree of hesitation & shyness when the session begins. But, that quickly disappears and many be- come full blown “Attention Whores”... These are every day women you
might see in an office, restaurant,
the gym or the beach. Sure, you
might wonder what they look like
as you strip them naked item by
item. Many of our video clips do
just that! We start fully clothed
& get them to “Buck Naked” in
just a matter of minutes.

More than BELLIES on
this site...

You will see very imaginative
ways to play with nipples &
boobs, but we play with a lot
more. Props, bikinis, body-
stockings, bras, girdles,
thighhighs, fabric wraps &
maternity bras. Pussy shots
are typically done towards
the end of the session.
And just for fun look at
We search continuously for our Pregnant Amateurs !

   Finding pregnant women to pose is not easy. Try just finding
a woman willing to pose 100% naked. Then imagine
the what kind of lines would you use to get her to
drop all of her clothes and show us her pregnant
body from head to toe. As soon as we get
another willing poser, we ready your studio for
another session and try to get the results up
on our website ASAP. Many of our pregnant
gals may be photographed as many as three
times. Perhaps at 6 months, again at nine
months, and if we get llucky a lactation
session after delivery...
Want to see REAL PREGNANT Amateurs ?

Girls in their teens (18-20), Girls 21-25, Girls 26-30, Women 31-36, Women 37-40.

We even just did a 2 girl session with sisters, one being pregnant. She delivered 2 days later.

Most recently a 3 girl all pregnant session. One white girl, one black girl & one latin. Several 2 girl lactation sessions.

Even within the basic fetish of Pregnancy we offer variety in what we present. We encourage our Amateur models to come back after the birth of the baby for a mom & baby session (for the family) & a lactation session for us.


Pregnant Amateurs in Great Detail

All of our Amateurs are having FUN! Show me a picture where they are NOT smiling! Whether they are brunettes, redheads, blondes or some other color right out of the bottle. They’re all fun for us when they pose in front of our cameras. Just look at the variety found in all of our PREGNANT gals.

Man (& woman) have had a serious fascination with breasts & nipples as far back as early recorded history. When you add the factor of PREGNANCY on top of this & the major changes the female body goes through, that fascination simply deepens. At no other time does the female body go through more changes than when being pregnant & preparing for childbirth.

Capturing Beauty Naturally

We capture the natural beauty & elegance of every day PREGNANT girls in a way that makes them feel sexy, sensual, smart & alive. So many times they walk into our studios & simply feel fat... They leave bouncy & happy with photos of themselves that show them as the sexy creatures they always knew they were. We get so many positive comments from both men & women who are happy to view a site that is NOT a heavy PORN overload. It is instead a seemingly endless stream of sexy women willing to flaunt their goods for the world to see. Many of our Amateurs may be far from perfect. But they show a zest for life that is real!

Boob Size Changes

A woman may start with A cups & go to a C or even D by the time she is nursing. We try to start session from the 6th month (24 weeks) or later. And whenever possible to do a session as close to their due dates as possible. Sometimes we miss out... And we get a call from them saying “I had my babay last Tuesday!” That of course still leaves the door open for some lactation sessions if they are willing to do them.

Getting Them to Pose

It’s one thing to find Amateurs on the internet, BUT finding Pregnant Amateurs is another matter completely. Getting them to pose is quite a challenge. Sometimes we have to negotiate with husbands, fiances, boyfriends, or lovers. We often have them come along to make sure that our photo & video sessions are exactly what we told them they would be.

Finding More PG Girls to Pose

We run ads all the time to attract new talent. We only have about a three month window of opportunity to be able to photograph & video them, so all our ads say that the Pregnant Amateurs go to the head of the line... And they always do! If you are looking for great photos & videos of pregnant women this is the place.

Not XXX! Maybe a “Heavy R”

We would hardly call our site a XXX site, since we only do Nude & Glamor styled photos & videos. In some of the more up close videos we might be pushing a heavy “R” rating... But the way we see it, just having the pleasure of looking at all these lovely pregnant gals doing a slow strip, or perhaps a nice tease is often more tantalizing than a more explicit view.

Real Amateurs

We hope that you place value on looking at REAL AMATEURS instead of professional model types who pose for a living. Most of our Amateurs probably SHOW a lot more than BELLY when they pose. You will see them nervous, shy & every once in a while with shakes & jitters. But that quickly wears off as we progress into the session.

Maternity Bras & Other Props

Bras are an integral part of the world of female underwear. We have seen so many colors, styles & models here. White, black, beige, blue, red, orange, green & multi-colored ones. A bra with polka dots would be one of our favorites. Nursing bras, Shiny satin bras, lacy white ones & bras that have some heavy duty work to do.

Relaxing the Poser

To relax them we do the first 30-40 photos in what we call “Photos you could send to Grandma” all with the clothes on. Then we move on to taking off the top, showing off the belly & getting a level of confidence built up that makes them feel at ease removing the bra, playing with their breasts & playing with their body.

Trust & Fun Do Go Together

Our slow motion sequences with “Nipple Flicking” or “Boob Bouncing” always gets some smiles & laughter. But almost without exception by the time one of our 3 hour sessions is done, they are all smiles, picking out personal favorittes from 300 to 400 photos taken & choosing photos to be made into prints.

1 Session Leads to many others

Not a surprise that many of our sessions lead to having other friends of the model being referred to us both for the pregnant photos & our regular photo sessions for JustNips.Com When these gals have a good time they waste no time telling their friends. And you have probably noticed that pregnant women, always know OTHER pregnant women. Many of our fine sessions lead to more of the same.

The Belly Curve

When we do our sessions we try to capture the belly in every possible way. Side views, top views, from the ground looking up, between the legs looking towards the breasts & on all fours looking straight at you.

Stills & Video

What we do in stills we also do in video, but we add the element of movement. In this way you will see the session as though you were here. To some degree there is a voyeuristic element to what we do. Our sessions are done with very limited personnel present. It’s usually just the photographer & the PG gal.

Pregnancy (A Flower in Full Bloom)

Our fascination with pregnancy as a fetish started this site to fill a personal need or interest that simply was not being met on the net in the way presented here. There is a simply beauty in the female form pregnant.
It’s like a flower in full bloom.

“Milk Check”

Perhaps you also enjoy seeing the changes in a female body... As the belly grows so do the boobs. Watch as B cups grow into D cups often filling with milk. We allow you to witness some of these Amateurs as we do a “Milk Check”... Many a time we have witnessed the first few precious drops of colostrum being squeezed out of her boobs & perhaps a slow drip to the floor.

If we are lucky enough to have the Amateur come back after giving birth, we often do a lactation session. Our photos & videos of the milky stages of post pregnancy can be a real hoot. AND quite a mess to clean up! Many of the women have never played with their boobs in this way before. We let the boobs drip, spray & display wetness through clothing & lots more.

Two Girl Lactation Sessions

We have had a couple of 2 girl sessions dealing with lactation. Honey & Brown Shuga was one of them. The other was Mia & Anastasia. They offer quite a contrast when comparing the lactating Mia with D cups to the very small A cups of Anastasia. Their milk play, spray, drip & even milk drinking was fun from beginning to end. Enter Kore Goddess with her lactating 38JJ boobs as she teams with other pregnant & lactating models available at that time.

Breast Pumps

Playing with the manual breast pump may suck a few drops of milk into the clear plastic housing, but it also gives you a see-through view of what it would be like sucking on that nipple.

PregnantUSA.Com offers a very private view of the pregnant woman. Many of our Amateurs have used the sessions as a SELF-ESTEEM builder. Attitudes towards pregnancy among many men is unfortunately still in the “Dark Ages” where they think the woman should be shunned, left alone sexually or worse yet just seen as being FAT.

To us (& hopefully you as a Member) it is a part of what makes a woman beautiful. We have had many women leave after a session with a much more positive outlook on her pregnant condition. Some walk in & say “I am so fat!” We respond with, “We have seen fat, and we have seen pregnant... I think you are beautifully pregnant!”

How much do some our Amateurs enjoy posing? Well, when they come back for their 2nd pregnancy just to have us capture their beauty again that pretty well says it all. Tanaya, Misty & Susan are 3 examples.

Haven with Twins!

Haven is one very special session where we have photos & video of her with a belly built for two! TWINS!! Exclusive to this site. You can photograph typical amateurs most any time. But the pregnant ones are a once in a life-cycle experience.

Sisters in the Act!

When we photographed TinkerBell we were sure surprised when a couple of days later Eve called & said she wanted to join in a session also. Just in the nick of time too, since her sister had the baby within 48 hours of us capturing this special event.

Video Samples

The video sample on our home page runs 123 seconds. on the video page the 6 samples run 30-45 seconds. On the site it is more typical to see 4 to 7 minute clips & we are now doing HD videos of our newer sessions in 1280x720 format that can run between 30 to 40 minutes capturing the entire session. We still have more real amateur footage in ONE of our clips than most adult feature length films.

Special “Show Offs”

Our Amateurs pose for us & show themsleves in ways they would not even do for their husbands, boyfriends or lovers. But what always amuses us is that the men behind the women are our biggest fans when they get to see their best friend in both video & photos. Sometimes we even let them pick WHICH photos to be printed.

Session Settings

You may ask yourself what kind of a person views this kind of a site? Our members simply enjoy the beauty of the female form pregnant, & if you think about that, it’s something you can’t just go out & randomly find. Our members are both men & women. Many of the male members have matured AWAY FROM heavy duty porn, & are now enjoying a more enlightened variety of adult entertainment.

Join the Fun...

We hope that you join us in showcasing our special Pregnant Amateurs found only here. We in turn will strive to find more of them for your pleasure. What we have shown here is just a very small sampling of what Members see. Our Menmbers section is far more explicit. Our samples on these pages are just to high-light the great variety of Amateurs we have already placed on this site...

Good Clean Fun...

PregnantUSA.Com....It’s just good clean fun. Our site proves that you do not have to present hard core porn to have interesting materials... We have members that have joined us from the far reaches of the globe.

A “Sales Job” Getting Them to Pose!

Getting women to pose naked for the first time is quite a sales job. Now, getting a pregnant woman to pose takes sheer determination. So don’t expect to see them in public places or more elegant outdoor settings. We sometimes spend the first 30 minutes of a session just building trust & comfort levels that gets them to the TOPLESS stage. From there it’s usually pretty easy sailing till we ask for the panties to come off. Most of them do allow crotch shots to some degree. We are always happy when it goes to wide spreads & they become full blown exhibitionists.

First Time Posers

You will see 96% shy Amateurs posing for the first time. We show you in both stills & video what happens during sessions. It does have a voyeuristic element to it. We know, because requests to sit in on our sessions are almost a daily event. But, we respect the privacy of our women & do what we can to make them feel comfortable & very, very safe....

Boobs Bellies & Booty...

If you really have been searching for variety in PREGNANT Amateur bodies, boobs, booty & bellies... It’s right here!

How Explicit?

Our more explicit & intimate views of our Pregnant Amateurs are restricted for MEMBERS ONLY. Only a handful so far have refused to show their more intimate areas.